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Abalone Drum Wraps

Exotic Abalone

Ocean Abalone

Aqua Abalone

Moon Abalone

Green Abalone

White Abalone

Pink Abalone

Rainbow Abalone

Red Abalone

Wild Abalone

Blue Abalone

Silver Abalone

Abalone Drum Wraps

Abalone Drum Wraps are available in a variety of swirling designs that provide an under the sea psychedelic image you would experience looking at the inside of an abalone sea shell.

The Abalone Drum Wraps are all made to order and custom pre-cut prior to shipping to your individual drum sizes. We also include a piece of gorilla strength double sided tape to securely attach each end of the abalone drum wraps to their opposite side. 

Follow the instructions on our Install Tips page and you’ll have an awesome looking drum set in just a few hours of receiving your shipment from us.

The Abalone Drum Wraps are guaranteed and made to last for years. We use a high gloss laminate surface on all of our wraps to assure you always get that new drum “showroom shine.”