About Us

We are The Best Drum Wrap Company and we’re located in Northern New Jersey. We use the latest technology to provide you with the highest quality designs and wraps at the most competitive, affordable prices. Our drum wraps are guaranteed to last for years.

As a professional drummer and long time entrepreneur, I know that my kit is my “sound”, from the tone of my drums to the ping, splash and sizzle of my cymbals. But playing out live, it’s also my “look”, and I want my  drums to look freaking AWESOME.

We want to work with you and help create a killer “look” for your drums!

We have a wide selection of designs available now and we will continue to be adding more each month. If you prefer to supply your own design, that’s cool too. We can make drum wraps for you with any high resolution design at no additional cost.

This is our pledge to you:

  1. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. We ship both within the U.S. and Internationally
  4. Our wraps will not fade or bubble
  5. No additional fees for custom graphics

We don’t sell you giant sheets of your design expecting you to do all of the cutting. We custom cut each wrap specifically to the dimensions of your drums. Each wrap has an extra 1.5″ for an overlap and 1/4″ less in height so it doesn’t interfere with your rims.


  1. Each wrap comes with a piece of industrial double sided tape for quick wrapping
  2. Our wraps can be installed over a raw shell or the existing factory wrap
  3. Our wraps are always one piece
  4. Our wraps will not alter the sound of your drums
  5. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal

Easy 1-Click Shopping Cart

Our website is designed to make your purchase process as easy as possible. We looked at what our competitors are doing and they make it almost impossible to figure out how to place an order. Every design page also includes all of the size options we offer. All you need to do is click once on the matching size and it gets added to your cart which is always visible in the right hand column for your review, even when you scroll all the way down the page.

If there are any fine tuning measurements you prefer, simply make the closest selection to your size and then add your exact measurements in the Comments field on the Orders page. You can also contact us directly after you’ve made your purchase and we will review your specs directly with you before we go to production.

And don’t forget to order new air vents for each drum on our Accessories page.

Thank for choosing The Best Drum Wrap Company.

Play on!

Roger S.


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