Installing your new drum wraps is really a very simple process and you will be amazed at how quickly you become an expert at this. Before you get started, you’ll want to have the following tools handy.


  1. FOUR rubber tipped clamps (you can buy these at any hardware store).
  2. Electric Drill
  3. Small drill bit for drilling pilot holes from inside out
  4. Step Bit for enlarging the holes from the outside in with pilot holes as guide
  5. Drum key for removing all rims and heads
  6. Screwdriver (as needed)
  7. Socket wrench (as needed)
  8. Hair Dryer and razor blade (as needed to remove badges)
Original Drum
Original Drum

Step 1. – Remove all hardware, drum manufacturer labels, “airhole/airvent ” grommets, etc. The idea is to have the drum shell be as smooth as possible. Major cracks or gaps should be filled in with wood putty. If any of the original shell wrap is raised around the lug screw holes, you can sand the rough edges down as long as you don’t plan on using the original wrap again.


You will need a hammer and flat head screw driver. Place the drum on a solid surface (floor), tap around the grommet from the inside going around until it can be popped out from either side. Also know that we sell “screw set” air vents in chrome, brass, black and white for an easy to install, real pro look. You’ll find these on our Accessories page. 

Drum Shell After all Hardware Removed
Drum Shell After all Hardware Removed


Some are just held by screws that can be easily unscrewed. If they are glued or nailed, take a putty knife or a razor blade. If the glue is really stubborn, you can try first heating up the badge with a hair dryer to soften up the glue. CAREFULLY slide underneath and work around the badge with the razor. DO NOT BEND the badge. Let it keep its slight circular form so it will fit nicely when you re-apply it with spray adhesive.

Use a razor blade or thin spackle knife to remove badge
Use a razor blade or thin spackle knife to remove badge

Step 2. – Lay the wrap face down on a towel so you don’t scratch the finish. Decide where you would like to place the “seam” of the wrap. We recommend placing it opposite the side of the drum that faces the audience – preferably have the seam face the drummer with the overlap directly under the corresponding lugs.

Practice placing the wrap around the drum as tightly and evenly as possible.

IMPORTANT: one edge of our wraps includes a piece of double sided tape on the underside. Clamp the non-tape edge of the wrap over the lug holes facing the drummer.

Take your hand and pull wrap as tightly as you can around the drum and continue to keep pressure as you work around the shell. Use clamps 3 and 4 to clamp the other side about 5 inches from the edge. Finally remove the backing from the pre-installed double sided tape and while keeping a tight hold adhere the overlapped end to the wrap.

Clamp positions
Clamp positions
Black 4

Step 3  Examine the entire wrap to make certain it is positioned evenly and tightly around the entire drum. Now is the time to drill all the holes for the lug screws, mounting bracket and vent hole. Find a drill bit that fits neatly into the lug screw hole and from the inside of the shell, apply gentle pressure and drill all of the holes.

Start with the holes of the overlap and install the lugs. This will hold the wrap in place and lock it in position. you can remove the clamps once this is done.

Tip: Hold the drill in one hand and with the other hand hold the shell with your fingers pressed against the outside of the shell on either side of the hole to keep the wrap secure and to prevent the drill from pushing the wrap away from the shell. You can also hold a small block of wood to receive the drill bit on the outside.

Use the drill to create a starter hole for the mount and air vent holes, then use a razor or Exacto knife to trim open the rest of it. We recommend using a STEP BIT for drilling all holes after they’ve been drilled by the pilot bit.

Drill slowly!
Drill slowly!

Step 4  Re-install all of the hardware, drum heads and rims. Screw in the new air vent and reattach the badge. You may need to use a spray adhesive. Polish your chrome and clean between the drum head and the rim. Your drums should now look awesome!

All of our drum wraps have a high gloss laminate layer that provides a showroom shine! 

Finished Drum!
Finished Drum!
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