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Mosaic Drum Wraps

Mosaic Drum Wraps are our new and exciting design series for every drummer that want to stand out, be seen, and be different. The designs of our Mosaic Drum Wraps have all been inspired by high resolution photographs of some of the world’s most renowned Middle Eastern structures. Exclusively from, our Mosaic Drum Wraps designs hail from Italy, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Spain, and France and are now available for you to customize your drum set and create the “wow factor” your audiences will always remember seeing. Whether you’re playing local clubs or touring internationally, Mosaic Drum Wraps will provide that unique richness any discerning eye will appreciate!

Stripes and Fades like the ones shown on the image to the right can be added to any order. Just let us know when you place your order. Questions? click on the image to contact us!

Mosaic 1

Mosaic 2

Mosaic 3

Mosaic 4

Mosaic 5

Mosaic 6

Mosaic 7

Mosaic 8

Mosaic 9

Mosaic 10

Mosaic 11

Mosaic 12