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Our Process

Drum Wrap Printing

All of our drum wraps are designed from high resolution graphics images that we modify and enhance. Once the image files are loaded into the system, we combine them all into what we refer to as a “gang run” and then proceed to print each design exactly to the desired size on the underside of the laminate. A second opaque ink coating is added underneath the printed design for added protection.

Drum Wrap Trimming - Single Wrap

After printing all of the wraps, they are then trimmed to their exact size. Our hyper blade technology can cut all of the wraps in just a few minutes. The surface looks dull because the laminate also has a thin film over the top to protect it during handling and shipping. Prior to installing the drum wrap, the installer can simply peel away the top protective layer.

Drum Wrap Trimming - Multiple Wraps

Our technology can also recognize multiple drum wraps on the same laminate and precisely trim each one to the exact, originally intended size.