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Free Drum Wrap Contest – Upload Your Picture Here

ugly drum contest

Alright, Rock Starz! Here\’s the deal! If you have a drum set that is in desperate need of a makeover, or just an old kit that needs to be updated with a more contemporary look, have someone take a picture of you sitting behind your beat up, old, too many miles – plenty of smiles kit and then upload it here.

After you upload it we will need to approve it. After we do, you\’ll get an email confirming that your entry has been approved and added to our gallery. Make sure you find your picture and share it with your friends on Facebook so they can also vote for you – the most votes puts you into the qualifying round. Then our team of so called \”experts\” (ha!) will make the final selection.

The Grand Prize Winner will get a complete set of drum wraps for FREE. Good Luck!

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