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Wood Fades

Our Wood Fade Collection offers a truly exotic and rich look for your drums. We can rotate the design like you see with the Oak Stripe samples and we can also colorize the wood to any color you request at no extra charge. Send us an email with the name of the wood, the color, and the direction of the grain (vertical or horizontal). We’ll then create a digital sample for your review and approval. To contact us click here.

Afzelia Exotic Wood Fade

Bubinga Blue Fade

Ormosia Fade

Purple Ormosia Fade

Sunburst Fade

Walnut Top Fade

Walnut 2 Fade

Zebra Wood Fade

Walnut Fade

Wood Bark Fade

Mahogany Fade

Wood Plank Fade

Blue Wood Fade

Light Wood Bark Fade

Oak Stripe H Fade

Black Wood Fade

Oak Stripe Fade

Maple Blue Natural Fade

Beech Wood Fade